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Albert Einstein
Einstein Manuscript discovered

an essay on relativity theory which sold for $1,050,000 in 1987


The Albert Einstein Experience -
Jokes, quotes, science facts, pictures, links and relativity describing Einstein's life and work.

Albert Einstein -
An overview of his life, from childhood through the final decades.

Science Hero: Albert Einstein hero=einstein
A student-friendly biography of the father of modern science along with related links.

Albert Einstein for Kids -
A short biography written just for kids. Includes introduction geared toward teachers.

Albert Einstein: Physicist -
Short biography and portrait along with related links.

Albert Einstein -
Short biography and sketch from PBS.

The Energy Planet: Albert Einstein -
Provides a short biography along with a look at Einstein's greatest accomplishments.

Starchild: Albert Einstein -
Tells about the life of the renowned physicist.

Encarta: Albert Einstein -
Article provides an overview of Einstein's life, along with a detailed look at his theory of relativity.


Niels Bohr
Information about his life, contributions to physics, and theories. Reference books and links to websites of interest.

Niels Bohr -
A biography by the Nobel Price Organization including personal life, topics of study, achievements, and awards.

Enrico Fermi -
Biography of the physicist who built the first experimental nuclear reactor, the Atomic Pile of the University of Chicago, USA.

Erwin Schrödinger -
Personal life, works, and achievements of the physicist who developed the quantum mechanics, by the Nobel Prize Organization.

Albert A. Michelson -
A biography of the physicist whose optical experiments served as a foundation to the theory of relativity.

Robert A. Millikan -
Personal life, fields of work, and achievements of the scientist who measured the charge of an electron, by the Nobel Prize Organization.

Max Planck -
Personal life, works, and achivements of the man who was the father of the quantum physics, by the Nobel Prize Organization.

Heike Kamerlingh Onnes -
A biography of the father of superconductivity by the Nobel Prize Organization.

Louis de Broglie -
A biography of the French scientist who postulated the wave nature of electrons, one of the basis of the quantum physics.

List of Physicists -
A Wikipedia page which displays in alphabetical order links to biographies of the most famous physicists in history.


Stephen Hawking's Universe -
Includes descriptions of different astronomical and physics theories and concepts. Based on a PBS television show.

Stephen Hawking
His official website. Includes biographical details, news, information on his disability, and lecture transcripts.

My Hero: Stephen Hawking -
Basic biography, photos, and related links.

Reason: Leaping the Abyss -
Interview in which Stephen Hawking discusses black holes, unified field theory, and Marilyn Monroe.

A Brief History of Stephen Hawking
Brief interview and look at his theories.

Albert Einstein - How I See the World

Famous Physicists and Astronomers: Michael Faraday -
Short biography explains the importance of Faraday's work.

Michael Faraday -
Portrait and detailed biography.

BBC Online: Michael Faraday -
Detailed biography traces Faraday's life from childhood through the final years.

Spartacus: Michael Faraday -
Short profile written especially for students.

Michael Faraday: At Play in the Fields of the Lord -
From the Christian history institute, a brief biography.

Encarta: Faraday, Michael -
Article provides an overview of the scientist's life.

Michael Faraday: Christian Man of Science -
Biography with quotes.


Nova - Einstein Revealed (VHS, 1998
Einstein: Light To The Power of 2 (VHS, 1999)

Kids Discovering History Einstein
by Albert Einstein (VHS Tape)

Progressive Mathematics