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The Casimir Effect
What is the Casimir Effect? From the Usenet FAQ.

Quantum Fields LLC Research & Development
Research and Development in Vacuum Fluctuations, Casimir Forces and EPR Entangled States

Feynman Diagrams
A summary of the rules governing the creation of Feynman diagrams.

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory Homepage
A collection of resources for algebraic quantum field theory

Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero-Point Energy
Zero-point fluctuations in quantum fields give rise to observable forces between material bodies, the so-called Casimir forces.These lectures present the theory of the Casimir effect, primarily formulated in terms of Green's functions.

A Short Introduction to Non-Relativistic Effective Field Theories
A discussion of effective field theories for heavy bound systems, particularly bound systems involving two heavy quarks.

Net Advance in Physics - Quantum Field Theory

A European experiment intended to test the theory of quantum electrodynamics to extremely high accuracy.

Renormalization Made Easy
A non-technical introduction to the renormalization of quantum field theories.

Chern-Simons Theory
A brief review on the progress made in the study of Chern-Simons gauge theory since its relation to knot theory was discovered ten years ago is presented.

Technicolor 2000
This review is based on lectures on technicolor and extended technicolor presented at the Frascati Spring School in May 2000

Noether's Theorem in a Nutshell
An overview of Noether's theorem

New Developments in the Casimir Effect
A review of both new experimental and theoretical developments in the Casimir effect. [Postscript & PDF format]

What are C* Algebras Good For?
An introduction to C* Algebras and their applications in field theory.

Quantum Fields Near Black Holes
This review gives an introduction into problems, concepts and techniques when quantizing matter fields near black holes. The first part focusses on quantum fields in general curved space-times. The second part is devoted to a detailed treatment of the Unruh effect in uniformly accelerated frames and the Hawking radiation of black holes

Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime
These postscript lectures deal with selected aspects of quantum field theory in curved spacetime

Some Articles of Proceedings of International Colloquium on Moden Quantum Field Theory, 1994, TIFR
Copies of these articles in TeX and postscript formats.

Topics in Nonequilibrium Field Theory
Nonequilibrium field theory covers a variety of topics such as transport theory of quantum fields, nonequilibrium phase transitions, the nucleation and transport of topological defects and other nonlinear coherent structures, as well as fundamental issues such as the quantum-classical transition and the coherent control of quantum systems.

Light Front Dynamics
A modest attempt to provide resources on light-front dynamics and applications to field theories.

An Introduction to Pomerons
Talk given at Workshop on Diffractive Physics

Introduction to Gauge Theories
These lectures present an elementary introduction to quantum gauge fields.

InterStellar Technologies Corporation
InterStellar Technologies is engaged in the research and development of technologies with applications to energy production and propulsion.

Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Theory
An elementary introduction to the recent solution of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. In addition, review of how it can be re-derived from string duality.

Evolution of the Bogoluibov Renormalization Group
A simple introduction into the renormalization group (RG) in quantum field theory and an overview of the renormalization group method. The third section is devoted to essential topics of the renorm-group use in the QFT.

Notes on Seiberg-Witten Gauge Theory
These notes provide an introductory exposition of the Seiberg-Witten gauge theory.

Goldstone Bosons
These notes review the effective lagrangian treatment of Goldstone and pseudo-Goldstone bosons, taking examples from high-energy/nuclear and condensed-matter physics.

The search for a quantum field theory
Investigations undertaken to build a consistent quantum theory of fields

The State of Matrix Theory
A set of lecture notes with RealPlayer audio on Matrix Theory

Warren Seigel
a Professor at C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Long Island, he's not content just to study the relationships between string theory and particle theory, but also to write goofy essays, and maintain this Web site.

Topics in Quantum Field Theory
Several files in LaTeX format cover selected topics in Quantum Field Theory and Integrable Systems

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The Official Superstring Theory Web Site
A comprehensive site of information for non-scientists with an interest in superstring theory.

The Second Superstring Revolution
A site which outlines the history and details of Superstring theory, as seen by one of its pioneers, Dr John Schwarz

Superstrings! String Theory Home Page
Introduction to superstrings, M-theory, D-branes, p-branes, membranes, string theory, supergravity, supersymmetry

The First Superstring Revolution
An overview of basic suprstring theory by John Schwarz

Strings '99
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 1999 in Potsdam/Germany.

The theory formerly known as strings is presented in a non-technical format

Strings 2000 Conference
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 2000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

String Theory at the Millenium
A conference, January 12 - 15, 2000 organized by the theoretical physics group at Caltech.

Strings 2001 Conference
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 2001 in Mumbai, India.

Superstring Theory
An overview of string theory from Cornell University.

Strings 2003 Conference
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 2003 held in Kyoto, Japan.

Strings 2002 Conference
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 2002 held in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Strings '97
Pages for the String Theory-Conference of 1997 in Amsterdam/Netherlands.

The Quantum World and Superstrings
Review and discussion of implications of quantum theory, and how this has led to Superstrings and the Theory of Everything.

Stringy Black Holes
A set of notes of string theory in the presence of black holes.

Site discusses String theory, M-Theory, Gravity, and Modification to M-Theory

A Non-Perburtive Modification to M-Theory
Site gives complete history and reference of a Non-Perturbitive Modification to M-Theory in Ebook format

Introduction to Superstring Theory
In these lecture notes, an introduction to superstring theory is presented. Classical strings, covariant and light-cone quantization, supersymmetric strings, anomaly cancelation, compactification, T-duality, supersymmetry breaking, and threshold corrections to low-energy couplings are discussed. A brief introduction to non-perturbative duality symmetries is also included.

String Theory in a Nutshell
A brief overview of the history and development of string theory

Introduction to Superstring Theory
These four lectures, addressed to an audience of graduate students in experimental high energy physics, survey some of the basic concepts in string theory. The purpose is to convey a general sense of what string theory is and what it has achieved.[Postscript]

Light Cone Quantization
These lecture notes review the foundations and some applications of light-cone quantization.[Postscript]

Hunting for Higher Dimensions
Experimenters scurry to test new theories suggesting that extra dimensions are detectable.

Lectures on String Theory in Curved Spacetimes
Recent progress on string theory in curved spacetimes is reviewed. The string dynamics in cosmological and black hole spacetimes is investigated and the methods of solving the string equations of motion in curved spacetimes are described.

String Theory Reviews
An extensive list of downloadable review articles on string theory and related topics. (Except for the first category, the reviews are technical in nature.)

String Theory
A brief overview of superstring theory

What is String Theory?
A brief description of the basic idea behind String Theory, written for the general public. Includes many links to other sites on this topic.

Superstring Model Building Homepage
This WWW resource is maintained by the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department. Its primary purpose is to provide detailed results of current efforts in superstring model building.

Introduction to String Theory
A short course on classical and quantum string theory.

A short article about superstring theory.

The Superstring Mystery
From the Cyclotron Notebooks.

Introduction to Non-Pertubative String Theory
In this review I discuss some basic aspects of non-perturbative string theory. The topics include test of duality symmetries based on the analysis of the low energy effective action and the spectrum of BPS states, relationship between different duality symmetries, an introduction to M- and F-theories, black hole entropy in string theory, and Matrix theory.

The Second Superstring Revolution
A web site about superstring theory featuring an article by Professor John Schwarz, one of the inventors of superstring theory.

String Theory: A Happy Marriage of Geometry and Physics
An introductory description of this theory with references to current work being done in the Netherlands.

Interpretations of Superstring Theories
An overview of current superstring theories (including M Theory) and suggested paths of future research.

Finite Geometry in String Theory
A geometric model for a universal Grand Unified Theory, as it encompasses both 11D supergravity & superstring theory.

Beyond String Theory
An elementary introduction to the basic principles of string theory and m-theory.

Scientific American: The Future of String Theory -- A Conversation with Brian Greene
The physicist and best-selling author demystifies the ultimate theories of space and time, the nature of genius, multiple universes, and more

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